Factoring Puzzle3

Puzzle: Factoring Trinomials

Factoring Puzzle

My high school class ended the year with a review of multiplying and factoring simple polynomials. We played this matching game, and then I gave them a puzzle worksheet. I liked this idea, but I didn’t like the decoded answer. In my opinion, puzzles should give the student a “reward” for solving them — maybe a joke or riddle or something — but that answer seemed almost like nagging.

So I changed things around to make my own version:

More Fun with Factoring

Here are some other blog posts and resources you may find helpful:

  • Factoring Unit
    A brief set of worksheets to guide students through the basics of factoring in about a week of classes. Looks good, but it came out after our semester was finished. If you try it with your students, please let me know how it works.


[Photo is a very old math joke, passed around in multiple emails and forum posts. If you know where it originated, please tell me, so I can give credit.]

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