Calling All Bloggers: Carnival Time!

photo by Mike Licht,

Activities, games, lessons, hands-on fun — if you’ve written a blog post about math, we’d love to have you join us!

Posts must be relevant to students or teachers of school-level mathematics (that is, anything from preschool up to first-year calculus). Old posts are welcome, as long as they haven’t been published in past editions of this carnival.

To submit an entry, fill out this form:

Don’t procrastinate: The deadline for entries is this Friday. The carnival will be posted next week at So I Teach Math and Coach?.

Would You Like to Host the Carnival?

Hosting the blog carnival can be a lot of work, but it’s fun to “meet” new bloggers through their submissions. And there’s a side-benefit: The carnival usually brings a nice little spike in traffic to your blog. If you think you’d like to join in the fun, read the instructions on our Math Teachers at Play page. Then leave a comment or email me to let me know which month you’d like to take.

Explore the Other Math Carnivals

While you’re waiting for next week’s Math Teachers at Play carnival, you may enjoy:

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2 comments on “Calling All Bloggers: Carnival Time!

  1. Well, most Facebook-style posts are not quite what a blog carnival is looking for. But if you have a post that fits one of the carnival categories and is available to the general public, and if you can link directly to it (rather than to your home page), that should work.

    I think if you click the date of the post, that should take you to a dedicated page, which the blog carnival could use. Like this:


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