Thank you for visiting my blog, and I wish you the best of God’s blessings. Life is an adventure, teaching even more so. And teaching math may be the coolest adventure of them all!

About Denise

Denise author colorAs a homeschool mom [explore my Blogging 2 Learn blog] who loves math, I want to help other homeschoolers see the variety and richness of the subject. Math is not just rules and rote memory. Math is like ice cream, with more flavors than you can imagine — and if all your children ever do is textbook math, that’s like feeding them broccoli-flavored ice cream.

Of course, our students do need to learn textbook math, just as piano players do need to practice scales and football players to do push-ups, but they should never be led to think that routine operations are the point of Google PageRank Checkermathematics.

I hope this blog will be a place where we can play around with ideas about learning, teaching, and understanding math. (For me, it usually happens in that order.) Alltop, all the cool kids (and me)And if we can find a way to give our children a good taste of that “Aha!” feeling, the thrill of working through a challenging problem and figuring it out, then we won’t be able to keep them away from math.

Who am I? I am a Christian, a wife and homemaker, and the homeschooling mother of five, ages 15yo to adult, all still living at home (though not for much longer, alas!) four of whom still live at home (or at least keep the majority of their worldly possessions here) in the rural countryside of central Illinois.

My hobbies are learning and teaching math, presenting math workshops for homeschool groups, and reading anything I can get my hands on. I have taught or tutored mathematics at every level from pre-K to undergraduate physics — which, at least in the recitation class that I TA’d, was just one story problem after another. What fun!

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logo-200x38If you have questions about homeschooling or teaching math — if there’s anything about math that stumps you, or has never made sense, or you’re simply curious about — or if you’d like to plan a math workshop for your homeschool group, please e-mail me. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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6 thoughts on “About”

  1. I would like to friend you on FB. I have shared ideas from your site for years. I would love to have a link back to it for my teacher friends around the US.

  2. Denise,

    I, too, am a homeschool mother who has been on your RSS feed for a few years, but have never commented. Like you, math is a joy to me, and I believe that it is important to play with it and have fun with it. So far we have been doing well. However, at this time we have reached the limit of my knowledge of the subject and I need to find a curriculum that will not require input from me as my son is climaxing my ability. We need to purchase something in the next week or 2 and I was wondering if you have any suggestions for us. He is finishing up the first level of the 6th grade Singapore Math program. We have both been stretched in this book and I seriously doubt his understanding. I think that would translate to about the Algebra level or so in a regular program. He has been doing only story problems in this text. Any comments you may have as to where to go from here would be most appreciated.

    Cindy Sekiguchi

  3. I use a variety of materials, but I’m not worried about my daughter passing up my understanding for several years yet. Therefore, I don’t have a lot of wisdom on what to suggest to you.

    I have several friends who swear by Thinkwell courses, and one of my daughter’s best friends says he likes them. If you’re interested, the Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op has a very good sale going on this weekend.

    The Thinkwell placement tests might give you an idea what level your son is ready for, even if you end up using a different program.

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